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In 1988 we started a newsletter called "Out!", a play on U.S. Out (at that time principally of Central America, which our government was in the process of invading -- remember Honduras and Panama?) and, obviously, Out of the Closet and Into the Streets. A few years later, every queer rag in the country was calling itself Out and we decided to change the name. After many long and hilarious debates over what to call it, we settled on UltraViolet - the invisible fringe of the rainbow. It is a forum for discussion of issues important to the queer community, a source of information about political issues and actions you don't hear enough about in the mainstream (and mainstream gay) press, and a place where we get to be wild and wacky and witty on any subject that particularly interests us at the moment. We mail it out for free to over 2300 people, three-quarters of whom are LGBT prisoners, and sometimes people who like it sendBay Area Rents Out of Control us money, which we really appreciate.

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Pope Unwelcome in Kentucky
New Activist Fiction
Therese Coupez
Hugo Pinell Murdered
Bay Area Rents Out of Control
Stop Murders of Transwomen
Coal Coming To a Port Near You
Oakland Council Canít Catch a Brake
Victory in California Solitary Confinement Case
Private Prisons Need to Go
Black & Pink
Huddled Masses Yearning for SodaStream Jobs
Mumia Needs Support
The MOCHA Column
JCRC Is Down ... but Don't Count Them Out
Violence and Accidental Rainbows
Canít Talk BDS in Berkeley
Deception, Densification and Differencers
Outside The Frame A Smashing Success
Shorts from Inside

Davis: We Shall Not Be Moved

Pope Unwelcome in Kentucky

Rowan County--County clerk and newly crowned King-impersonator Kim Davis has scuttled a planned visit to Kentucky by Pope Francis, saying that she will not sign a visa for the papal fly-in.

ďHe is planning to make it easier for Catholic couples to get marriages annulled,Ē said three-time-divorcee Davis, ďand some of those ...read more


 UltraViolet is distributed with another newsletter, Out of Time, which is produced by Out of Control Lesbian Committee to Support Women Political Prisoners. Prisoners, especially political prisoners, queer prisoners and the death penalty, are a big focus of LAGAI too. Great information on prison activist work is available from the Prison Activist Resource Center.